Our Differences

So what exactly makes us different other than the apparent genome factor? Well, it’s definitely the range and density of my influences dug in over my lifetime that distinguishes me from you. That is, in both physical and psychological intakes (food and thought). Admittedly, chemicals across the board stuck to me like a magnet when I was a kid. Though I don’t mean strong pharmaceuticals as all that came later. Just the stuff that taints our food and water at an acceptable level.

I see things one way while you see them in another way, and now there’s a gap caused by a psychological intake or lack thereof. And this could be in either you or me, or us both. In another choice that composes us, I look and move around in this world in the condition I am due to certain physical intakes and you because of yours. This will either tell us apart or keep us similar in terms of our density, or in the processing weight we place on our bodies from nutrition or malnutrition.

And even though we can’t match our genetics to become more alike (tho I won’t be surprised if one day there’s an app and a pill for that), what I do know for sure is that it is possible to bridge the mental distance that keeps us at far ends. Because, between two unfamiliar territories or opposing views must lay an unbreakable fact, logic or reasoning, irrespective of whoever’s narrative it is closest to. So rather than I continue on the fight to discredit your path, I’m now willing to step away from any roads with too many bumps, including my own.

Bottom Line

Today, what I consider the entity of ‘me’ is a lifetime of fuels from my physical and psychological environment, including the inherent or ancestral fuels in many previous lives that add value to my nature. This covers the social, traditional, cultural, spiritual, mechanical and technical thinking aspects, along with the food that I eat and any other ingestions or intakes. Furthermore, this includes any grey-area information translated from the odd, subtle field of reality that hardly anyone recognises, whether I’m conscious of it or not. If it impacts me, it’s a part of me.

Therefore, I am basically my environment and my environment is basically me. Or I am the foreground composed of the background, if that makes sense. Also, like every other human, I hold and recall memories attributed to fear, and these have me resisting against moving one way. Conversely, I hold and recall memories attributed to pleasure, which draw me towards a different path.

Another way to look at it is that I’m a reflection of my environment as the accumulation of life’s trace residue (memory) gets lodged in my brain. And within this residue are the embedded signatures of both pleasure and fear that take control of my existence when responding to life, including each version of normal. However, if I can shift energy off my conditioned name in the idea of Lee, and off any other related thoughts that impact my behaviour beyond a practical point (Lee’s known for this and that, normal and abnormal), this frees up my energy for more useful things. Otherwise, I won’t see past all the over-controlling programs and into life’s deeper nature.