The Focus Complex

My world said that if I don’t focus properly, I won’t achieve my objective.

What did they mean by, properly?

To process detailed knowledge along a specific line in order to gain strength, while, also, maintaining STRICT behaviour to keep the activation alive and steady.

Yet of the times I did try and stay focused, I was far from contained. In most cases, I’d hear the sound of a clock ticking louder and louder as if something annoying tore straight thru and entered my zone.

And they weren’t in actual steady ticks, as I know in a small quiet room with one hanging above.

Instead, this noise was chatter or static as loud commentary carrying on. Great, I now had uninvited guests who kept picking at me; questioning my stay. From one idea to the next, something kept challenging my every damn move! So I got impatient which weakened my fence even more.

For example, my usual noise would consist of things like

Border Patrol Noise Report

1) Ok, how long have I got left here? 2) I’m bored and this sux! Hrm, I wonder what such and such is doing right now. And 3) If only I did things differently, earlier! Etc.

Also, an overflow from influences in the days or weeks before, say, from a Tv show, a news event, a social dilemma, or a dream product/service, these could all drift in making the hole much, much bigger.

Once punctured, that was it. Anything else could easily slip in and destroy my ability to MAINTAIN FOCUS.

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