Summing up the Differences

In joy, I’ve found this to be an unexpected, momentary experience and can never duplicate in a recall (or when it does, it’s pleasure). The particular shape was not known before or previously applied to my life. While in its strongest expression, or when my sensors are completely surprised by a unique combination of nature’s touch, only then can the effects supersede any other experience and pack the most almighty life-changing influential punch.

Joy is to experience a unique shape on a fresh day and carries a meaning beyond words.

Next, once my heightened state of mind subsides, a rainbow is left behind as trace residue now takes over. I’ll only convert Second-Hand Sensations from here.

Remember the old saying? You can never grab hold of the moment again.

Well, that’s the fact.

Joy, in full expression, is without premeditation. My senses are entirely oblivious to any build-up, which allows a greater unique shape of contrast to touch where it has never reached before.

When in the hunt for joy or when I’m in standby mode eagerly awaiting, I can almost always guarantee pleasure. The more I want or expect joy, the less chance of it. It’s that simple.

Second hand

However, if I’m in a learning environment and see a breakthrough for the first time, my senses that may have prepped for one particular shape, but receives another, I still consider  caught off guard.  There is still an element of surprise, which is why I also want to keep learning in and around my field of interest.

But overall, the Big Bang is definitely in the Totally Unexpected! The Universe’s Larger Classroom.
The bigger explosion
There’s nothing like a Kick-ass Spark… Boooom!

It’s now time to divide the human enterprise into two. Not in gender or race, but mentally.

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