The Counterforce Inside Life’s Elasticity

How does ‘countering my desires’ backfire?

Like watching a stretched out rubber band used and re-used rigorously to keep forces contained, I know exactly what I’m in for in only a short amount of time. Soon, I’ll weaken my mind to the point that I’m no good to anyone or anything, especially myself! Because before, when I hadn’t known any of this, I’d stretch all day, back and forth to each extreme; BUST… then fling to my escape.

So it’s no longer rocket-science to know I’ll get stung on the flipside when my desires run wild, as I hit an intense repel-attract, repel-attract fluctuation — a hot and cold situation.

What an absurd law for our makers to have put in! Otherwise, sure enough, I’d still be mass-producing my desires, day in and day out. I would continue to allow the little devil within to convert EACH desire-process that pops up in my mind while not worrying about a thing!

Fortunately, as this cause and effect blueprint became all too clear in detailing the relationship between the Unreal and Real realms, including the ‘ups’ tied in with the ‘downs’, I couldn’t help but be more mindful towards my attachment. I’d automatically watch EVERY chemical conversion closer than ever before.

I figured, if I were to have ANY REAL CHANCE of success with my desires in the long run, I’d have to gift my inner-devil a moment or two to re-gather himself.

Naturally, he took a few deep breaths, added a mantra and got with it — allowing quality over quantity to shine. Rather than the usual burning out of control and wasting my energy.

Little devil

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