Highly Processed Projections as I’m Always on the Invisible Mind Throttle

When my projections regularly produce a noticeable feeling in a lifestyle pattern, in stronger waves that affect my everyday reality, it says I’m highly refining my thoughts. I’m in the habit of rapidly-processing as I strip away at the periphery (I ignore both the boring stuff in my memory AND a large number of objects and symbols in the outer-world) while hunting for something juicier. When on the throttle, I’ve got my blinders on!

All my life, I over-zoomed-in on things while ignoring other important information for that extra buzz. I became addicted to a sense of inflation and expansion from a lifetime of not understanding my thoughts properly.

Psychological Conditioning isn’t an easy process to monitor, at first. Its gradual movement takes over my psyche, and I end up ingrained towards a particular direction. I won’t want to budge.

In a mode of tasty thinking conditioned over time, I created a Sensation Driven Reality. A reality overwhelmingly based on the repetitive sensations derived from my thoughts. I kept overinflating these particular words and symbols because they were somehow lodged inside my mind as ‘invested objects’.

The scales often tipped as I gave more and more value to a short-term surge over a long-term narrative. I couldn’t help myself. I disregarded the very plain yet vital facts that would generally help anyone thru life due to my new habit and motto of ‘touch comes first’ or ‘conversion comes first’. It was an addiction that I had to protect from the polarised nature of our planet’s law.

Living a tremendously positive life for an odd-mind meant that I would also spend extra on keeping a watchful eye on the negatives because I didn’t want any disruptions near my pristine portfolio.

I didn’t want anyone coming in and breaking my God-like ideals that had kept me going for so long!

Yet eventually this itself turned to great fear, regardless of whatever else popped up. Therefore I’d ALWAYS attract this irritating contrast on one end of life before stumbling and crawling my way back.

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