Watching My Impulses & Understanding the General Mind Counterpart

Recycling Marker

When letting go of the addictive words and symbols I cherished became easier, my behaviour shifted for the better. By the way, this change didn’t come from other thoughts enforcing the release which is actually redirecting my attention in an override, but by clearly understanding the nature of Complex Thinking. Furthermore, I now understand why belief operates in greater efficiency inside the conventional mind, in the Herd’s head.

You see, when managed, the normal-thinking person’s investment into ideas must allow them enough room to flow and stay productive as they’re not so wound up in the background or entangled in a broader ‘out-there’ picture. They are successfully conditioned into a surface-layer or general band of thinking. Which also means smoother waves of sensation on a graciously smaller map. So how could they possibly go wrong, right?

Whereas, we in the minority on the other odd-end tend to overstretch ourselves to fit into this line. We inherit different challenges that no one seriously wants to help with, let alone acknowledge the deeper nature of.

Perhaps belief, traditional or otherwise, is solely meant for the Herd’s needs, as these guys obviously run the show from within a cleaner environment. Upload the instructions with ample rewards and punishments, and he or she is usually right to go! They’ll apply this force to the outside world with greater efficiency than the odd person can.

But hold up… Having said all this, how about we also look at the feedback system that returns a value from the other end of our activity; i.e., when the world responds or fires back at us — using both short & long-range effects, positive and/or negative.

Surely, the same rules must apply to everyone when dealing with the effects of ‘belief-driven activity’ in the real world, regardless of any sensitivity issue? Not only that, but the consequences of an action that stems from a belief surely should impact all the ‘influencing minds’ that enabled it to happen. I’m guessing that there is some sort of merit system hidden in the background. Otherwise, I’ll be able to craft my way through life while other people take the fall on certain things that they don’t see. I’ll extract the positive, but export the negative onto someone else.

The Rippling Effects of Our Actions

The point is, if I or anyone else live life speculating on the fruits and put facts further aside, especially after I have just seen them, then even the best-of-the-best managers of belief can still land themselves in trouble.

A build-up of ignorance eventually causes a chain of reactions to hit someone somewhere down the track, right? Either in this lifetime or another via the short or long-range incoming projectiles (please don’t let the negative near my line!). Clearly because of this Sci-Tech boom over the years (though some might call the escalation ‘contamination’ from too many signals bombarding a community of vulnerable minds), it’s now easier for us humans to pass the buck at the end of the day thinking that our children will handle the backlog of ‘life’s byproducts’ under an always fresh flow of innovation.

Upcoming Science & Technology will cover most of our problems, so it’s all good!

But like a storm or drought where the conditions start from thousands of miles away, flipsides are inevitable and can pop up anywhere, anytime. They’ll get past our gadgets as nature always finds a way to serve back our ignorances. Or at least from my small take, it certainly does.

Unless the best-of-the-best know a trick or two on how to solidly pass the buck to someone else’s children who will enjoy the challenge. If so, let’s collaborate!

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