An Internal Weather Report Warns When the Surf’s Up!

Today, the best way to know I’m involved in a tastier mode of thinking loading a surprise is to observe the waves of sensation during everyday movements, which is now, on auto, whether I like it or not.

Not only do I see all of my conversings, in-depth, but I also thoroughly catch wind of any one-way inputs, or when reading/watching, translating, all my surrounding life.

Sounds full on? Try turning it off!

And when I have picked up on a wave driving me towards that luscious high I was so accustomed to receive and get lost in, I started experimenting, by discontinuing and releasing the hold. Straight away, I felt the effects subside even though it was undesirable, at first.

Yeah, something is annoying/uncomfortable about letting go of a pleasant taste that’s ready for the pickings, by denying myself the usual meal. However, to approach these negatives in the long run, I had a strong feeling I’d first have to understand the positives. Which meant, allowing the release of any firm positive leech, to show the Gods I was willing to make a sacrifice, in advance.

So after a lifetime of acquiring positive reinforcement that hadn’t worked in my favour, as irregular overflow and fluctuation (aka the undisciplined converting of my psychological energy), I was able to see how I’d rationalised a line of toxic behaviour from my past.

Problems first began by accepting smaller ignorances in my escapes that ultimately led to larger ones, thru increasing rituals of self-hypnosis. Again, this applies more so for the highly sensitive mind (in case you wonder.. What the heck?).

I no longer beat myself up as much over things that can’t be changed. Fear’s grip loosened down a few notches since I looked into this earlier.

As a Matter of Fact

When facts aren’t valued in life or are seconded because they feel too meaningless or simple to matter, then it shows I’m moving into a Sensation Driven Reality, and that my short term rewards eventually yield long term challenges.

Yet it never used to appear this way, as I once held onto a promising outlook, inside an old delusion I was all caught up in (thankfully, this new one’s much better! 😇). But from what I’ve learnt so far over these years, is that the clock starts ticking when I severely distance myself from facts.

In fact, natures succulents are about to have a field day if I don’t get back on the ground, soon. So be warned, highly sensitive person, because it’s a hard one to rollback since you won’t want to until it’s too late. Or until you get a big kick in the butt from somewhere!

However, and luckily for most who carry a General Mind, I know you guys can tolerate or manage the process with greater efficiency. Or with at least ONE firm foot on the ground.

And please, if this is you, believe as much as you like!

 I genuinely envy your managed unrealisms of living in another world while maintaining everything. 

But for the Highly Sensitive in a minority field, we are more susceptible to invisible stimuli.

Now I’ll reveal the symmetry inside my thinking by exploring the thought systems.

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