Understanding Something of Interest for the First Time

Am I Learning OR Over-learning/Addicted? Can I see my initial excitement or rush that I naturally desire more of to get back to my short-lived expanded state of knowing all; being all!

Having grasped everything so far ( 😕 hopefully), let’s look at the GREATER SENSATION that got the ball rolling in the first place.

The excitement I felt from learning something new in the line of my interest sent fireworks high up in my mind’s sky and recorded as a very pleasurable moment. Today, I now see this as a Joyous occasion, a process that does not live in the archives. Instead, it only occurs once in the present, or uniquely.

You see, what wasn’t known before, I’ve come to know now, and it makes me feel incredibly great! 😀

Naturally, under such spectacular Realtime Lights, I’m highly motivated to continue my hunt and get more of the same rush. This amazement made me forget myself for a short while, and I felt super expanded in the outer world. I was something without a constricting border all caged up in little-me land.

However, by impulse, I’d cling onto these images of the light. I’d relive each record over and over looking for that initial burst again. And so would EVERYONE around me.

It’s almost as if I wanted to forget what I’d learnt, only to have it known again so that I could get intellectually high! But unfortunately, my problem was, the ‘psychological dope’ was never the same. 🙁

From here, I’d only attain the sensation in the form of Pleasure, as Joy immediately downgraded into a process of psychological stimuli once the experience finalised. That is, once it played out in my reality,  it was the impression bearing the closest possible resemblance to joy,  and my moment had forever gone.

Hence, a once-only Joyful explosion before it dissipates into my memory as Second Hand Sensation.

Pleasure and Joy are also covered in the section Converting Influence.

What Makes Up This Feeling?

So upon my many wondering into things, I’d further wonder on with…

Just where the heck are these Joy chemicals stored upstairs? Seriously, where do we keep our Premium Top Shelf stuff that’s reserved for only a very few occasions? You know, for when an extraordinarily unique experience is about to play?

Because, I can always point to a thought that allows a replay-of-events showing the Time and Space of Joys impression, but unfortunately, that explosion is never the same. A once-off process of Joy had forever lost its touch.

Or perhaps there is a more straightforward explanation.

Perhaps, the premo stuff is actually also reliant on a larger outside field made up of billions of signals that surge, hitting just the right spot. Except, my capacity to replay can only carry a small portion.

Ah, so, this is why I kept pushing for the next piece of the understanding puzzle on the backend, hoping to reproduce an original experience; over and over. Except, the reality of my mind always threw back these dodgy replicas instead.

Now it Began to Make More Sense!

This general understanding model/technique that lived on for so long disguised as a positive had revealed its true colours. My conveniences and repetitions (tasty but bad habits) really came PACKED with challenges, and each stood before my ability to learn; to REALLY LEARN!

Versus, UNREALLY DUPLICATE, which ends up distorting my screen.

Left with only one option, I simply acknowledged this, which then equipped my reactions with a hidden strength. I was soon able to let go of the old, so it didn’t hurt as much in the long run.

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