Narrative Neurosis

/ˈnarətɪv ˌnjʊəˈrəʊsɪs/: The condition of becoming lost in my own story. Spinning my self-image or image of the world to the point of hysteria. Repeatedly promoting my story over the stories of those around me to gain centre stage and control.

As with all creatures, I make a home out of whatever I have. In the case of a mental home, the one us humans carry around in our head that consists of a timeline of events and stories, I naturally add and remove items or chapters to and from this collage as I carry on in my daily life. The final product is my narrative, simply expressed as; “This is me, my life and what I stand for”.

Neurosis comes into effect when I am fixated on my personal narrative, to the point that I potentially refuse to consider other people’s items or chapters that contradict it in any way.

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