The Not-So-Now / Pretend-Present / Tainted-Timeless

Back in the day, I would often get all caught up and believe… hey, I’ve hit the timeless!

When my thoughts massage my perception of reality to a certain point, I reach a high, a spiritual high. Feelings of space and freedom, nowness and enlightenment return, convincing me that something magical, mystical and beyond is once again in the air. Under a spell driven by a surge of god-like pleasure remembered in previous events, or in powerful records that held more value at the time of the recording (in real-time only), I can’t help but reenact each scene to try and get all of my power back.

Yet in my earlier days, I had no interest in understanding at this profound level because I loved riding on whatever waves I could get myself onto. I didn’t worry or bother knowing about any connection to the crash that was bound to occur and dump me straight back to the bottom of the pit which is where the top of waves end up. Being far too involved at the time and only knowing the one ‘up and down’ way of life, the ‘law of opposites’ meant very little. So I thank God for the 20/20 hindsight!

At the Top, It Was Great – I Was Great!

Yes, here I was almighty and far too hypnotised to care from the overwhelming force that these rituals produced. And for a very brief moment, I stood tall and strong, above all. Then sure enough, as I spiralled back down towards my reality at the bottom of the pit, either minutes, hours, or sometimes, days later, I would accept the process as normal activity while quietly expressing the ungodliness to myself. Because on my own was the only place I felt comfortable when thinking along the lows.

But then after a couple of years of spinning the same old role  from godly to ungodly, back and forth,  things finally made more sense, and I was totally fed up with the repetitive comedown! My life-long godly business was about to finally end. Thank God!

Immediately, My Outlook on Life Changed Forever…

Straight away, I felt this bizarre tweak inside my head for the first time! And yes, it was a good one for once. However, the life change that would normally follow such a strong epiphany or when my reality would catch up to my thoughts and ways, did so only gradually. That is, all the good karma/energy slowly made its way into my world as I unwound from the godly empire one step at a time. How ironic…

By sharply watching shifts occur at each end ↕ and interchange, for once a new tide entered the scene. In other words… Nature got in and shaped my ways better than any effort coming from the conscious mind.

As I watched the sunrise in myself, something got in early to prune these rays before they got out of control and flipped the scene. Slowly, my god-like demands weakened down.

Saving Energy

By negating well in advance and catching wind of any floatier clouds nearby, I automatically forfeited a part of my climb to the god podium. Or I would stop a portion of the way towards the top in a compromise. This new sacrificial setting is my new long-term holy investment, and it is definitely the healthier choice for once.

Having saved my energy by turning into only half or a quarter of a god (fewer conversions, softer-smoother waves), this diet was EXACTLY what I needed for all ends of the process. For once, it meant real strength in my life. And if there were a god or two watching on, then I’m sure I have impressed them as well.

Happy god
My Children.. Sacrifice the holy mental cloud and get a REAL ONE!

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