The Timeless Trap

Otherwise known as the Not-So-Now or Pretend-Present, the Timeless Trap is a tricky one to not fall victim to.

Today, as soon as I feel a god-like presence intensify from positive thinking found in either combination of Yesterday or Tomorrow, this tells me that my state is Not-So-Timeless. In fact, this god is none other than Chronos himself, the master of Time.

Besides, it’s clear… Time gets spread across a line different to the one containing the now or present reality, which can’t be caught or captured. It is the history of Yesterday and the future of Tomorrow made into a timeline similar to a collage in an album.

Why is it so important to know all this?

Because when I’m overly positive in Time, I’m bound to crash in the end and experience Negative Time. For me, chasing a really good time comes at the cost of an equally bad time, being the law of my Innerverse. Otherwise, those who are less sensitive and can deal adequately with the effects of Time won’t have to worry as much.

Touching on the Timeless

Any Idea, Ideal, Belief or Concept cannot contain Timelessness because they only exist as Time, as that is their only function. Whether these beholders are highly condensed or not, in terms of the pressure from each description or image produced by their content, it doesn’t matter. You see, all of my psychological activity can only occur within the confines of Time. Inactivity or not transporting behind or ahead (being present), on the other hand, is a totally different story.

With this in mind, can Timelessness be described accurately?

Only by negating Time’s overpowering influence can the rewards of Timelessness transform one’s life. In fact, it is so powerful that the moment you start asking and reacting to any question on the matter, you enter into Time itself because you make comparisons to previous events. Not that this is a bad thing as it’s only natural to ask and react to any issue at hand. However, just know that all descriptions, questions and answers in the mind are made in Time. In fact, the closest I can get to explaining the Timeless is to simply paint a description in my reaction that describes ‘no description’ while fully understanding it. In which case, you’ll eventually react less in my life, thereby taking you out of Time as you become aware of psychological inactivity. Only the power of Timelessness can truly optimise Time in your mind.


As I react to the life that stands before me, Time immediately takes hold. Symbols are matched against records located in Yesterday’s Timeline at lightning speed, and I produce a refined projection on a newly painted canvas which I call Tomorrow (Life-long Memory + New Information captured from present reality = Potential or Future Projection). However, unless I have a deep understanding of this, these containers or carriers of thought (and Time) can easily influence my nerves and send signals upstairs convincing me otherwise. While portraying myself as a Timeless God, I am in fact a Child of Time, unable to truly grasp the Timeless realm.

Now, do you see why I had to immediately patch up with Mindless 2.0 coding?

Whether my thoughts describe something years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds ‘ago’ or ‘in front’ of the timeline ↔, it makes little difference. You see, the Timeless knows no time whatsoever.

In fact, the moment I speak of the Timeless and say… “I am here, there, or very close to it”, this will be my best indicator that tells me that I’m well inside the world of Time. My very statement clearly contradicts the Timeless.

The Not-So-Now or Pretend-Present is definitely a pleasant space for floating in and around. But without discipline, it’s too easy to drift off and lose ground altogether for a Highly Sensitive Person.

Nowadays, what is more important is understanding these Time Cogs, so that I negate my long-term challenges, cull the fat, and ultimately get my act together.

Space-like sensations
Grounding first, then venture off to explore…