‘Belief’ at the Core

Core Belief Protocol

I find that most beliefs eventually converge on the following descriptions:

  1. Continuity – Either in this life or the next or thru our children.
  2. An increase in energy – Also implying, something that leads to less labour.

Together, this total belief package = MORE SPACE for activity (Inflation/Expansion)

First, I inflate on the inner. Next, I expand the outer/physical.

From a Sci-Tech God or non-religious perspective:

I invest in the idea of one great life and seek maximum energy and life extension.

= SUPERCHARGED SPACE (Super Inflation)

Or greater pleasures and comforts that typically leave a heavier footprint.

** Continuity in another life usually relates to Religion and Spirituality. While max energy & life extension in one life usually relates to Science and Technology as a god.

** Heaven and Hell is not an afterlife. When I perceive, it is life. Life for me is up & down, middle, left & right, etc.

Sustain or Ignore?

If a cancer cell was aware of its demise looming from the massive demand put on its host environment, would it be open to finding other less threatening ways to sustain its world? Or, would it just ignore and further indulge and not care about any holocaust moments, days or years away?

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Belief is a huge aspect of life, which is why it needs another section. On the next part, I talk about how belief played a role and a story in me. Then I follow it with facts vs refinements, balance and concepts.

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