1up & 1down Ego Loop – Extended Definition

The 1up is all about nature’s distinction of standing out from the crowd. It also creates a sense of belonging in animals/humans who then dominate the habitat in either a subtle or obvious way. In non-animal species, I only have to look in the garden to see inferior-offshoots outgrown over and over by other foliage. Humans love to get the 1up on each other as it’s in our blood. When I find, capture or unfold something that I feel gives me a particular advantage or the edge, I draw strength from it and become alive as I make it known to you.

Throughout life, I play 1up with friends, family, strangers and whoever else I bump into while enjoying every moment of it on high ground. But soon what follows is a sure gravitational reality check pulling me back down to the low ground.

Yes, eventually the 1ups I project into the world are reflected back to me by someone else, cancelling mine out like they had never existed to begin with, like binary in the computer world. While at the same time, I also feel the effects of an ugly 1down in a reprimand. Littleness, shame, envy, jealousy, anger and resentment to name a few of them.

Though, I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything less since I live in a playing field destined to change.

With pieces of triggering information firing back and forth, either subtly for strategic long term effects or obvious for more kinetic short term effects, both strengthening AND shattering our fierce and scared little egos, are we not simply all zeros in a field looking for a 1 that won’t break on us? That being, the omnipotent 1?

1up-1down Reality

Be honest. How mighty is your 1 when you launch it? Or when you fire off your best?

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