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Take notesThe following is a list of the most commonly used words and phrases you’ll find on this website. Some are stripped of tradition or are touched up, while others serve as a refresher.

Also, occasionally, they’re made from scratch.


On the top floor of the organism are where all decisions are made, in the unreality level: Aka, the brain, head, mind, cogs.

Although, sometimes, upstairs really feels like it’s downstairs. 😞



Actuality tells of a series of acts taking place in my reality. Action -> reaction -> then another reaction as an action from that reaction -> and so on, as all these chemical actions and reactions follow suite, like dominos. However, quite often, my mind has a habit of telling me about one thing occurring, when, in fact, it’s not.

For example

I’m continually under stress because of a friend or a partner or someone else who keeps placing pressure on me. But the actuality is, I’m responsible for not ending that relationship or for not taking steps to resolve it or close it down asap. I live in an illusion and can’t/won’t see the initial act of putting myself there in the first place, and go on to blame the outer world as I’m too scared or weak to break habits.

Therefore, the actuality is the process or activity underway regardless to what my thoughts convincingly say.

In Another Example

I say,  ‘I love animals’, while also eating them on the high-end of the scale.

But actuality means, the act speaks louder than the idea.

If I am a big meat eater in the developed world, then the closest idea to the fact is

I love some animals with all my heart, while others, with all my taste buds.

My choice is usually because of my tradition, attachment or desire, rather than, for survival or living thru hard-times.

And please don’t take offence you big bad meat-eater; actuality messes with everyone’s head at first. That’s why she’s such a BIG mover if one stays close. In a plan I didn’t see coming, she helped me take my foot off the throttle, and eventually, I got off the jugular altogether.

By seeing through the thick of my psychological fog, a clear fact is taking place.

It’s the fact – the F#@%ing ACT!

Fact not fake

Welcome to Life’s MRI.



Level 1 Backwardness arises when someone lives in a strong magnetic field of thinking. There is too much spin in my world. Over a lifetime of loading up on various influences, I can’t help but jump from one extreme ideal to the next, bouncing from pole to pole, all while  not moving far in REALITY.  My quality of life suffers as I try to fit into a system that doesn’t work for me. Therefore I’m convinced I’m moving forward, when in fact,  I’m going backwards. 

On the other hand

Level 2 Backwardness helps slow the spin that creates this overbearing psycho-magnetic force, resulting in a steady flow of polarised sensations from my thoughts. Ideas & ideals have a higher chance of realising and producing Wholesome Forward Movement when Level 2 unrolls. By sacrificing something in the short-term, usually a stale-pleasure in a lifestyle habit, I gain a long-term strength.

Now what better place for the Universe to hide its good stuff? That is — the good long-term stuff hidden behind the short-term fix? Because hardly anyone will ever tap in. They’ll otherwise stay distracted a few streets back.



There is an inner world to which we all live inside (our personal centre/space), an invisible border, and an outer world full of colours, things, elements, beings and sparks (let’s call it the big screen full of pixels). It’s only human nature to want to branch out, especially when I feel I have so much to offer.

When I’m an expansionist, I spread my ways and extend my world. I do whatever I can to expand my centre even if it means imposing these ideas onto you, in one way or another. Thru a volcanic eruption or the deeper tide, I’ll get my larger space soon!



Equipped with my very own Personal Inhouse Pressure Management System or Mental Health Clinic, I consciously stabilise my state of mind using subtle thought movements, along with the aid of an innocent outside touch. My mission is simple: to remedy/counter stress and anxiety at the surface by reversing the sensations in a ritual. Either by a programmed or a conscious demand.

How does the Doc inside me work?

He gauges higher pressure and acts.

Inner Doctor

I feel the symptoms of amplified time (negativity/resistance) and respond with positive time, prescribing myself a dose of positivity that causes a shift in my state. Also, I write a referral for physical stimuli, which may include; touch, taste, music and aromas, to help alleviate my negative condition. From a combination of subtle influences (usually), I quick fix myself from the haunts of time to deal with my life today.

Perhaps think of the common cold. We know the Doc can’t cure it with the pad, but he or she can keep us comfortable in the meantime.

Prescribing happiness



Below, is what technically describes the words Mindless/Mindlessing inside an idea or at least in my head. And is also a crucial Mindware Update.

Get patched!

Mindware Core Patch

 Name: Mindless/Mindlessing 

{Psychological Action}
 Value: Observe increased internal pressures and processes that make up a known mind.  (In other words – If thinking = heavy, observe deeper. I.e. I now see my attempt to stabilise immediately rather than I immediately stabilise.)

{/Psychological Inaction}

{/Idea} (Psychological energy is conserved from ending this idea)

{Next Idea} Etc… (I possibly stabilise with cleaner code inside another idea; implying, less conscious stabilisation. Or less effort to fix myself)

So in the above main first idea, there are no acts involved other than  the act of observation upon my detection of increased pressures,  or else the word has no meaning. If I can’t feel a mind and its weight, then this means very little.

Therefore, this particular idea is unconventional. But, is also, whole and simple, which reduces the risk of outside contamination from mind-spammers! And, anything else that follows on such as these few paragraphs is now consequential thinking in other ideas, and I’m less likely to build a belief system around it — a sophisticated Godly empire. More accurately, these paragraphs are my response/report to the initial idea that plays out in my life.

Now, what is your response? Please, I encourage you to find out upon installation!

{My Continued Thinking…}

Letting-go or releasing heavier thoughts that cause anxiety can only come from beyond the dimension of thinking by an act of clear seeing. Then, from that observation, is the release. Voila! Otherwise, I’m merely redirecting my attention, deflecting the problem.

Another response/report:

Mindlessing does not contain a conscious demand or command to suppress pressure, unlike our mindful/traditional realms that do. For instance, when I’m about to meditate or become better, that is a demand, however small! Instead, Mindlessing is only a lightweight piece of code that activates a ‘deeper seeing’ when under pressure or when my mind shows its TRUE COLOURS! So please, update now. It’s for anyone, HSM or not.

Mind on its own implies loudness and points to above-average pressure. Next, once I’ve patched myself and I’m highly aware of these hot and cold conditions running the show upstairs, this now gives-off a greater chance for a pronounced ‘less’ quality to naturally occur from observing all movements ✌️. When I look deep, my conditioning gradually breathes fresh air.

What Do I Know About My New Long Term Investment?

It’s not a quick fix, nor is it fun; at first. However, it does ground me in the long run (on the other hand, comfortable disciplines always held a catch!).

Mindlessing implies a natural balance that comes into effect from seeing my panel of commentators or from seeing the total movements of all my diverse thoughts. Including, the endless line of reactions that my chatterbox mind spits out.

By understanding Psychological Time & Space in-depth, an extraordinary order turned life around.

{/My Continued Thinking…}


My Inhouse Conditioning / Panel of Commentators

Although, quite often, I call these guys the talking dead.

My Inhouse Conditioning is the echo of all past exposures. Or, from many people’s qualities, programs, problems and traumas that are now ingrained within. I.e. Both in the help, I’ve received, and the stains sprayed all over by our fossils. (And yes, I’ll be a fossil one day too!)

They are the unavoidable Generational Hand-Me-Downs, either working thru me on their own or they get slightly-modified/cross-cultured in with others. Including, I guess, with whatever my nature does to them 🤔. Nowadays, the idea is to EXTRACT the qualities but immediately DITCH the problems. Why the heck did I not see and do this before?

Also, I don’t know this, scientifically, but I’m sure a crystalised residue accumulated somewhere upstairs after all my encounters. Which, naturally, turns anyone into another carrier ready to infect the next host with  behaviour changing brain gunk. 

Do we all carry heavy thought-metals, like toxic metals sometime’s found in our food and water?

Generational traumas

From experience, when I’m in contact with someone, reactions take place, causing several impressions to stamp inside my head. Clearly, after many years, there is now a steady buildup of both fear and pleasure working thru various passed-on-stories that shape my behaviour. Therefore, old influences continue to steamroll my existence while I pass mutated strains onto others.


The 1up – 1down Ego Loop

The 1up is all about nature’s distinction. It is my sense of belonging, which also tends to dominate the surroundings in either a subtle or obvious way. I only have to look in the garden to see inferior-offshoots outgrown over and over by other foliage. Humans love to get the 1up on each other; it’s in our blood. As I find a process in life that I feel gives the advantage, I draw strength from it and become alive as I hold it up to show you.

Throughout my life, I play the game with everyone; friends, family, strangers and whoever else; while, enjoying EVERY MOMENT. But then what follows is a sure gravitational reality check pulling me back to earth. Yes, eventually another 1up returns fire, cancelling mine out like binary (it never existed!). While at the same time, I also feel the effects of an ugly 1down in a reprimand — littleness, shame, envy, jealousy, anger, resentment, to name a few.

Tho, I suppose I can’t expect anything less since I am in a playing field destined to change.

With pieces of information thrown back and forth, again, subtle or otherwise, both strengthening AND shattering our fierce and scared little ego’s, are we not simply all zeros in a field looking for a 1?

In all honesty, how mighty is your 1, when you launch? When you fire off your best?

Let Me Give You an Ugly Example of How One’s 1 Plays Out

I’ll pretend I don’t care when I get smacked down. But, the reality is, in absolute humiliation and from a terrible place of weakness, I’ll run off with my tail in between my legs: retreat, and lay dormant in a cave for what feels like, forever.

But then (or inevitably after a dose of something strange) I’ll super-reinforce myself, come back, and serve it out harder in the next round. Even if it takes ten years or more, please know, I’ll always find my way again. And when I do, I’ll have something unbreakable for you a bigger and stronger 1..

You see, while I was in my corner all curled up in a tight ball (the place I learnt my best tricks), I bumped into this missing piece of the food chain you must have overlooked earlier. Something I’m sure you’ll find hard to swallow today.

So, as you landed on target 🎯 destroying me and making me into an even bigger fool than I was while I tried to handle all the hidden leverage that conveniently no one else knew about, it’s now my turn, and I’ve been waiting a long, long time. Upon my hunt for something stronger that definitely won’t break as easy, I’ll pick the perfect moment to return fire with an unstoppable kiss of death. One, I’ll happily blow with the wind, so it conveniently looks like, nature did it.

I heard that Affirmations are powerful. So as a daily ritual for years, I’ve been begging the Universe to allow me this one opportunity for Vengeance and Territory, so I gain back my 1. Universe, I’m only here for the one reason today; let’s do this.

{Warning: System Overheating}

Virgonian Order

Believe me; I’ll easily blend in my grudge/scar/trauma with a universal cry for quality-control so that I maximise numbers and not lose any sleep over it. Because that’s what happens when you don’t come back to the table and fix the mess you left, hoping I’d quietly go away — all buried deep in one-sided paperwork.

And the reality of your ignorance?

You fools left someone pickling and conjuring in darkness, for far too long, now giving me time to plan all sorts of things. I.e. The greater picture, breed, order, etc., as life’s new mitigator.  As I’m freshly appointed by our Universe whether you like it or not. 

It’s a simple case of cause and effect that now comes back to bite. 🦈

Unless however, the only thing that might save the situation, is that I pull another one of these stupid white-fluffy-rabbits from this merciful hat that keeps popping up and I simply evict you and your line FROM the deed to the house, rather than blowing something else over and mitigating from afar which is what I had been planned all along.

Mitigating up close is too complicated in today’s world. 🤦‍♂️

Because you guys need to fully understand.. These keys were never yours from the beginning, and they will be in my hands soon.

Need I remind you of which cluster AND supercluster that our galaxy pays the rent to? Or do you still not know whose neck of the neighbourhood we all live in?

The Milky Way Hood

Yet in the off-chance I do happen to throw you guys a line, a reprieve in a best-case scenario, then; don’t mistake any kindness for weakness. What was dealt my way, I’ll hand back on a silver platter, and it might just satisfy.

Tell Me, How Do You like Your New Life Map Now, Huh?

How do you find the longer-lasting soury taste of insecurity now that I’ve thrown a spanner in the conventional works?

Also, can you feel your heart jumping faster than usual, along with a shortness of breath?

Do you feel tight around your neck knowing that a surprise can jump out at any time, and your system might not be there for you?

Well, get used to it!

Therefore, people on my radar who chose not to come back to the table, soon, I’ll drag you back. Except, this time, it’ll be YOU on the other end.

I’ll reclaim my invisible and short-lived trophy since that is what a zero does!

{/System Recovered & ENDING THE UGLY EXAMPLE!}

Breaking the Cycle

So, this never-ending loop de loop between pleasure and fear, refining/reinforcing my quarters on the playing field, is what makes me stand-out and feel alive. Yes! I get to raise my 1 UP HIGH and show it off to the world. While in the meantime, I’ve forgotten all about those opposite feelings that are far, far away.

Can you believe we’re actually all in this over a fight for psychological territory, hoping to gain physical space out of it on top, to match our inflated egos?

However, do not fear, I’ve finally found a workaround to help alleviate the excessiveness or unnecessary weight that a 1up-1down carries. And, it won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Only a small side 1-up dish, by, yours truly.

Today, the only thing that indeed helps alleviate the smackdown and takes the weight off my shoulders is knowing that I’ll always fall short of a permanent win. You see, serving a 1up is forever bound to project back. Otherwise, how else can a ‘1’ stay a ‘1’ and sustain itself? How else can it stay standing up?

Unfortunately, it can’t. The moment I hold my 1up UP, it loses value and starts normalising. Not only that, I condition myself to STAY KING and end up a conformer because kings obviously have more to lose.

And yet the reality is, it’s only a matter of time before someone else in line bumps me off.

Bumping Each Other Off

1up-1down System Update

Here’s a 1up equation that works for me. If it makes sense, then you’ve already patched yourself!


0 x 1 will always return 0 in a forever playing environment.

0 + 1 = 1 Congratulations on your 1

1 + 1 = 0.9 A lesser congratulations – Normalisation begins which activates a demand for more.

1 + 1 + 1 = Less of a 1 – There is now a loss in value as my ego inflates with a stale type of high that increases self-centred activities. Help, I’m at risk. I need to experience 0 again for a healthy achievement to power things on.


For more freedom on the playing field, I accept this trophy as a perpetual one to be shared. (But not for a while, so back off!)

The 1up Trophy



Time on this network is interpreted as my thoughts since they carry both records and refinements of Yesterday and Tomorrow (respectively) inside my projections along a timeline.

** Yesterday = my record of events | ** Tomorrow = refining those records onto a new canvas to predict and create future developments.

Understanding Psychological Time & Space as an inward-only measure exposes a unique quality in life, and I urge everyone to observe.

We’ll go slow.

When I speak of Time in a BROAD and TECHNICAL sense, it means I’m either thinking behind or in front (the only two ways possible), for however long or short an interval is to the present reality. I.e. Seconds, hours, days, years, ‘ago’ or ‘ahead’. It’s any information along the timeline that is at the surface of my mind.

Forget the outer clock on the wall for a moment and look at the two ways along my timeline: Yesterday ↔ Tomorrow!

1st) I recall a memory projection from my original record. And 2nd) I imagine a future projection from refining the past.

Both ways get projected when thinking! Either a Memory Projection (Yesteray) or Future Projection (Tomorrow).

Though in the GENERAL sense, or when Time is IMPLIED on its own, ‘Time’ indicates a negative. When Yesterday and Tomorrow are condensed or pressurised, I feel uncomfortable.

 I.e. Time is a pain in the butt AGAIN! 

But TECHNICALLY or BROADLY, Time points to any surface thoughts 👉 along my timeline.

More Explanation…

The haunts of yesterday and my worry of tomorrow are condensed thoughts that increase pressure.

And whenever heavier processes are running, I move further away from the present moment. I lose the active-reality to this annoying invisible weight.

However, Time can also produce positive sensations in Positive Time, which does the same as the others, taking my attention OFF THE PRESENT. But instead, I shift to the desired side of the unreality field; a place we ALL want to live!

Let’s stay in the positive side of the timeline! Right?

Mmm, except, I’d often get too weightless and would fly off with the fairies which seeded more problems for ahead.

Look, I had to choose ONE to fill the IMPLIED/GENERAL sense in with, so it went to the pole that impacted life the most — the negative. But please know, both behind and in-front can absolutely shine bright sunny rays that stand out. It’s just that; from experience, again, Time, is usually a pain in the butt in my vocab!

A Tomorrow Truth

‘In front’ or ‘tomorrow’ is an illusion. It is always my memories modified into a projection. ‘In-front’ is actually ‘behind’ after being photoshopped.

Not convinced?

Think of an event about to occur and ask yourself to locate the source of the objects contained in the images projected. Eg. The sunset – moonlight – beach – restaurant – ornaments – clothes – colours – etc. Because when I do, all these components and shapes originated from Yesterday and I used a wand or tool to mix them up. They sometimes might appear unique, but as I zoom-in close, it becomes clear.

Time (implied on its own, negatively) carries weight, making me rigid. It also takes me out of the active-reality.



Some of my ideas and ideals regularly produce a certain satisfaction, so it’s easy to become addicted and want more. When I continually inflate my unreal world with space, there’s an increasing risk of my actions not fitting in with reality at some point.

I want the power of thoughts to help me thru life, as we all do. However, I must also be aware of inflating them too much because life then becomes all about these comforting short-term bubbles and altered states of mind.

I know that if I lead life from an alternate reality, I’ll eventually hit a wall. I’m destined! Yet if things are well managed, then sure, there’s no problem with a little inflation.


Stories & Story Static

If the past has taught me anything, it’s by storytelling messages across although I was never too skilled at sending them out.

{Receiving Transmission}

From what I know of humanity, stories bring people communities and cultures together. While on the other hand, can separate them to great lengths as well. Personally, when I get lost in a story, it’s usually because of comfort. I mustered up enough pleasure from a series of crafted words images and symbols that carried just the right mixture, including dashes-of-fear, placed in the perfects parts of the film.

Also, if it’s super-good, I drift off in another dimension altogether. I become king with a leading narrative who has thousands or millions of followers at his beck and call. The pleasant taste from a well-written story can carry on long after the show has played.


It’s when the mix is not quite proportional, containing either too much or too little fear or pleasure that could 1) turn it boring and I’d move away or 2) it would get under my skin, and I’d contemplate or pickle over it, instead.

Here’s What I Mean

When a story doesn’t end properly or is left outstanding with an element of the unknown, which in this case, say, translates into an immense fear, then I stay waiting for a resolution. My mind instinctively thinks on and on in distaste causing unusual levels of bio and neurochemical activity from over-scanning every aspect of life. As a result, I continuously try to find order no matter how long it takes because that is the demand of my disrupted system.

From a place of conflict and disturbance in amongst my mental exhaustion dragging things out, part Virgo to blame, I find it’s these background processes staying active that affects my everyday life, and I can’t move on. Primal code written eon’s ago activated my survival system upon key messages and triggers from heavier influences in my previous life; something that’s hard to control.

Why? To ensure my safety and continuation, along with my family’s as well. And now, from the aftermath of all the years of continuously vetting the surroundings for dangers, always strategising while pickling in this insecurity, one naturally develops new tastes.

Message Received Loud & Clear

Dear Life, I could do with a good Brain Scan or an MRI because of these serious long term head & neck pains that I nearly pass out in, from being so angry (I.e. I’ve been mentally killing everyone & everything for ages now). And can you please hurry before my head explodes. I need you to hand me a Doctor who won’t put his nose where it doesn’t belong, sign a few docs, and I’ll be on my way.

For years, everyone in my personal life used to carry on about why I was so skinny and that I had to eat more.

These frustrations on top of my issues almost killed me.

Naturally, I fed them the most straightforward reason even though it was a lie because that’s all anyone knew how to digest. In fact, if it weren’t for my daily lying for years, I wouldn’t have made it thru. White lying is what saved my life on many occasions, and I thank my God for that.

You don’t need to watch your carbs to stay lean. All you need is the right story, from the right fragmented chain of command, and you naturally watch your back and everyone else’s.

Then you get angry underneath and pickle away in a chaotic system. 😤

Ok, so instead of waiting for a solid resolution or until the story fills in the blanks from somewhere else (hell no!), it’s now my time to gain strength and seize power out the back. I’ve already waited too long, and this built-in demanding process won’t let up until it’s satisfied. Please know, there are another set of rules running in the background, so my goal now is to fill things out myself.

{/Receiving Transmission}

{Sending Transmission}

Several people made life extra difficult for me over the years when I wasn’t at my best.

Yeah, I was a little rogue back in the day. So what? BIG DEAL! There was a bigger picture, so get over it. The ends justify the means.

My community were weak, and I made them stronger by exploiting them. It’s a game nature plays so we should be thanking one another!

Ah, and although 95% of those several didn’t know the finer details and instead relied on conjecture, I still put everyone in the ONE ENEMY COMBATANT CORNER, to be dealt with later.

Deep down, I knew that if I wanted to take out numbers (since I was bouncing between severe fear & anger), I had to get book-smart. I’d also have to take a minimalist approach over a lengthy campaign, especially if I were to get rewarded for my efforts.

Thank God I’m now slowly getting over it for my own sake which is why I’ve finally spat it out!

Loud and clear?

In my earlier response to a story or when it came down to delivering a deeper-message back, one driven by a strong sense of urgency, rapid-fire in my thoughts complicated everything: relationships, large and small. And it didn’t matter whether these words were written or spoken, as I couldn’t get the damn message out, in either way.

Unfortunately, when in this cluttered-state, I can’t help but fly cartwheels and handstands in my sentences, always adding more than what’s needed. In a second, I’d easily clog up both my page AND the space in front (aka my pixelated reality screen) while transmitting little-to-no real meaning at all. I’d go Backwards, in Level 1.

So I kept asking myself: why is this? And, how the heck do I get my flow-on or back while simultaneously laying down the law?

Reducing the Congestion

Story Static indicates a complex set of ideas that were supposed to transmit a feeling or meaning, but I ended up failing miserably by talking too much gibberish. If I can’t explain something clearly because of psychological distance and an unusual high-urge to close the gap, I naturally force a greater refinement of thought to process. I cause a dictionary to spill in my response.

Ideally, my mission is to transfer ‘meaning’ from one mind to the next with fewer words as possible. But when I’m miles away and under immense pressure, I’m only assured of complication!

Regularly spilling Story-Static as the unclear picture from increased processes, or too many words and too little meaning, means I’m at a great distance with everyone.

Lee, wtf are you going on about?

{/Sending Transmission}


Zombyism & Mindspam (Denaturing)

A Zombie from Mindspam

When a vulnerable host collects too many unwholesome programs over its life, the system becomes heavy, and behaviour is affected.

At first, symptoms include increased chatter and self-centred activities due to sensory demands creeping up.

As the years’ progress, a loss of sensitivity shapes the psyche, moderately to aggressively.

Following on, the organism starts decaying faster from declining intake choices as heavier fuels are used to supplement the lack-of-space in one’s life — I.e. My skin gets leathery and I lose colour from boozing, drugs, malnutrition, etc.

Next, cover-up applications and quick-fixes that usually come at a higher cost down the track are also exploited in a mutual arrangement, which is why Zombyism will get you! It is super hard to rollback because the mix of sensations along with the short term visual rewards (distortions) produce a feeling or surge of youthfulness, power and strength. And to the point of invincibility.

Mindspam, by nature, fragments a mind and creates double/triple lives. Once infected, the host thrives off inflating ideals that demand a more significant response or behaviour from its surroundings — implying, exploitation of emotional sexual and physical energy from others.

Beware! They are drainers, energy zappers who often start off sugary.

Mindspam is the opposite of Actuality. In an infected host, Ideals speak much louder than Acts. And in extreme cases for loved ones who drift off, dump them in a decontamination chamber or get them lobotomised ASAP!

And if that’s not enough to think about, get a load of the section…

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